What Mistakes Did Susan Make in Preparing the Injection: A Quizlet Analysis

What Mistakes Did Susan Make in Preparing the Injection: A Quizlet Analysis

What Were the Errors That Susan Committed When Preparing the Injection Quizlet?

When preparing an injection for a patient, especially for the first time, there are several steps and considerations that healthcare professionals should make throughout each step. Unfortunately, Susan committed a few errors when preparing her injection quizlet.

One error made by Susan was failing to check the strength of the medication on the vial label. Since many injectable medications come in various strengths, it is important to double check to make sure that you are giving your patient the correct amount of medication at the correct dosage interval.

Another mistake Susan made was neglecting to wash her hands before administering the injection. This is an important practice as it prevents any bacteria or dirt from being transferred into her patient including any bacteria that could result in infection near or around the injection site.

Furthermore, Susan did not use sterile gloves correctly when administering her injection quizlet. Sterile gloves must be worn prior to touching anything that will come in contact with your patient’s skin (including injecting needles). Additionally, once applied they must remain sealed until ready to be used; exposing one’s hands after they have been gloved may cause contamination of surrounding equipment or surfaces due to bacteria present on one’s hands.

Finally, Susan did not properly dispose of her used items such as needles or gauzes she had used during her preparation of injections which could expose patients and other healthcare staff members who may come in contact with these items rather than throw them in a sharps

What Factors Contributed to Error in the Preparation of the Injection Quizlet?

1. Improper measurement and calculation of the ingredients – One of the primary factors that contributed to errors in the preparation of the injection quizlet could be a result of improper measurement and calculation when measuring out the components for use in a syringe. If technicians are not following correct protocols for calculating accurate measurements, then this can lead to an incorrect dose or concentrations being administered.

2. Inadequate knowledge about proper techniques – Another factor that could have played a role in errors during injection preparation is inadequate knowledge about proper techniques for connecting components, such as vials, syringes, needles etc., as well as other procedures associated with preparing injections. Without adequate understanding and adherence to sterile practices, any contamination through mishandling may lead to compounded errors in the quizlet’s preparation process.

3. Use of improper tools – A third factor that could contribute to errors when preparing an injection quizlet is using improper tools or equipment which are either not adapted or appropriate for use in delivering medical treatment. Examples include non-sterile needles & syringes, blunt or expired medication vials, inappropriate drug delivery containers (such as expired ampoules) – these kinds of tool mishandling can all significantly run counter to safe & hygienic processes leading to possible error accumulation in medical practice and potentially serious health consequences on behalf of patients receiving administered medications by way of deficient quizlets.

4. Rushed injection precipitation process – Lastly, if sufficient

How Can We Prevent Making Mistakes Similar To Those Made During Susans Preparation of the Injection Quizlet?

When it comes to the preparation of any medical injection, it is important to follow a strict protocol. This protocol should include steps such as proper disinfection of the injection site, use of sterile gloves and needles, ensuring correct dosage and safety guidelines for handling hazardous medications.

In order to prevent similar mistakes from occurring in the future, there are several approaches that can be taken. One of the most effective methods is education. All medical personnel preparing or administering injections should receive comprehensive instruction in how to do so safely and accurately on a regular basis. The knowledge gained during this process should be refreshed through continuous review so that staff are reminded of protocols and best practices regularly.

In addition to education, careful attention should be paid to every step of the injection process as well as storage procedures for medications and other supplies used in preparation. Strict adherence to hygiene standards must always be maintained at all times–any mistake or lapse can have disastrous results. As staff interact with hazardous components, each individual’s tasks must also be separated and followed in order, beginning with the cleaning station before loading medications into syringes for administration.

Finally, if procedures put in place fail to prevent mistakes from occurring there must be a system ready to catch any errors that might occur during preparation or administration of injections. Good record keeping and reporting protocols will help document errors as they occur so that suitable corrective steps may follow quickly when necessary–noting what went wrong and taking steps towards preventing

What Solutions Does Susan Propose to Address Her Errors in the Preparation of the Injection Quizlet?

In an effort to address her errors in the preparation of the injection quizlet, Susan proposes several potential solutions. First and foremost, she suggests that she review material for which students will be tested prior to presenting it, thereby reducing the chance for errors in the future. She also recommends that she develop a checklist detailing all necessary steps and supplies needed to complete each injection task. By executing this methodology, it will help ensure that she is adequately prepared when teaching students how to safely and accurately perform injections. Finally, Susan encourages that they utilize video or audio recordings while teaching this subject matter as a way of reinforcing the proper methods. Video or audio records can also provide a way to quickly collect feedback and collaborate on improvements or changes that should be made moving forward Smaller adjustments can then continue to be made over time if needed in order to improve student outcomes and satisfaction with their injection training experience.

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